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Lisa & Frank

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Now THIS was a FUN wedding! Lisa & Frank got married in downtown AC and the reception was at the House of Blues in the Showboat Casino. We had a GREAT time shooting this one!


Sam & Sarah

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I can’t rave enough about these two families! I shot Sarah’s sister Amanda’s wedding last year and had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the family again yesterday! I really felt like family. Sarah and Sam were amazing to work with! The weather was AWESOME and the location was stunning. Congratulations Sarah & Sam!

Julia & Ed’s Wedding in Atlantic City

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Can I just tell you what a privilege It was to get to know Julia and Ed. First of all Julie is as tiny as a porcelain doll. And just as beautiful. But dont let that fool you, she’s a little firecracker! Ed is a teacher and it was very touching that several of his students came to the wedding to surprise him. He was very touched and it shows the kind of teacher he is. Kudos to you guys! The day started with monsoon like rain…good thing Julies hotel window was stained glass as she had no idea it was raining! By the time the wedding was due to start the sun came out and we had a beautiful day. We took some shots on the Steel Pier and had a great time. They used Kristin Barse of Bel Momento Events and let me tell you. They ran a smooth ship. Made my day much easier!! This wedding was featured in the site as part of a feature for Bel Momento Events!


My Mind’s Eye

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So… after much prodding from several sources I finally started a blog! I have little idea what I am doing and I hate to read intructions so here it goes……

I have always been interested in the art of photography. My father was in the Air Force most of my young life and I remember traveling throughout Europe in a bright orange Volkswagen bus in 1976 with my family. We didn’t really have the money to stay in hotels so we camped our way through Germany, France, Italy, etc. Through every trip my father, a History major and teacher, never put down his camera. I remember every camera he had from the tiny Rollei, his Zeiss and most recently his Canon AE-1. We have a treasure trove of slides from those days. I was always more interested in the emotion that a photograph evoked. The photos my father took while we visited Dachau concentration camp in Germany still touch me 30 years later. I guess that is why photography is so important to me. I am humbled by the responsibility to capture time. Whether it is a part of history or a bride’s big day. I will never stop loving the art. My desire to capture emotion is far greater than my desire to take a picture.  I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web.