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Reino & Brenda E-Session

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OMG what a GORGEOUS day! I had the pleasure of photographing Brenda & Reino’s Engagement Photos, They drove up from Virginia last night for the session and what perfect weather! Valley Garden Park is a gem. My good friend Dennis Dischler ( assisted me just for fun.


Engagement Session with Heather & Dan

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After viewing the images from Theresa & Justin’s portrait session, Heather asked if they could have theirs taken in Brandywine Creek State Park also. With the Park looking so amazing this time of year I was thrilled to. It is one of the most amazing parks Delaware has to offer.  We started having fun the second we got there. They were so into each other during the kissing shots I stopped shooting, changed lenses and they were still kissing. They didn’t even know I wasn’t shooting they were too busy smooching!



Justin & Theresa’s Engagement Session

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Some days everything just works. The weather on Sunday was beautiful and the sky was more blue than I’ve seen it in a long time. Theresa and Justin didn’t have to do anything special. The images show how much in love they are and made my job incredibly easy. Justin Proposed to Theresa at Brandywine Creek State Park near Thompson’s Bridge so they wanted to shoot in the park. We got our exercise in that day! Lots of hills!


My Mind’s Eye

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So… after much prodding from several sources I finally started a blog! I have little idea what I am doing and I hate to read intructions so here it goes……

I have always been interested in the art of photography. My father was in the Air Force most of my young life and I remember traveling throughout Europe in a bright orange Volkswagen bus in 1976 with my family. We didn’t really have the money to stay in hotels so we camped our way through Germany, France, Italy, etc. Through every trip my father, a History major and teacher, never put down his camera. I remember every camera he had from the tiny Rollei, his Zeiss and most recently his Canon AE-1. We have a treasure trove of slides from those days. I was always more interested in the emotion that a photograph evoked. The photos my father took while we visited Dachau concentration camp in Germany still touch me 30 years later. I guess that is why photography is so important to me. I am humbled by the responsibility to capture time. Whether it is a part of history or a bride’s big day. I will never stop loving the art. My desire to capture emotion is far greater than my desire to take a picture.  I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web.