Sam & Sarah

I can’t rave enough about these two families! I shot Sarah’s sister Amanda’s wedding last year and had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the family again yesterday! I really felt like family. Sarah and Sam were amazing to work with! The weather was AWESOME and the location was stunning. Congratulations Sarah & Sam!


4 Responses to “Sam & Sarah”

  1. Jeff Edmiston Says:

    The photo’s of Sam and Sarah’s wedding are stunning! You truly captured the entire flavor of the wedding! Thanks for the memories……….

  2. bart ryan Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I cannot stop looking at these great photos. As Jeff said you captured the flavor of the entire wedding. I keep looking at Amanda and Tom’s photos and now Sarah and Sam’s. You must feel like part of the family. Welcome aboard!! Well Done!!! Keep your camera charged, I got 2 more, and we’ll be calling!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bart,
      I am touched by your kind words. I am truly humbled at the idea that I was chosen to capture such an important day in Sarah and Amanda’s lives. I love the idea that my images will be viewed by their children and grandchildren just as my grandparent’s photos still sit on my mantle. Thank you again for the warmth your family offered Jim, Andy and myself. I always say I don’t view my clients as customers but as new friends. That is certainly true in this case! Batteries are charging waiting for your call. 🙂

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